Ah, Bloggers…We Meet Again

So…this adulthood stuff….

I’ve found myself thinking this a lot lately. Why, you might ask? In short, I’ve transitioned (or, rather, I’m still transitioning) from student life to work-to-pay-multiple-bills life.

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Sophomore Year at Mizzou

So even though I’m now technically a sophomore at Mizzou I still feel like a freshman. Lol, talk about messed up. I’m taking five classes this semester which translates to 15 credit hours. I’ve been enrolled in two journalism classes (fundamentals of multimedia journalism and cross-cultural journalism) as well as introduction to statistics, American literature, and a two dimensional drawing class.

I’m really excited about my multimedia class because the first day of lecture (yesterday) the professor told us that we’d get to use a Nikon D7000. 🙂 Not that I’m a shutterbug or anything, but….I LOVE Nikon! I’d love to work with the D5100 (since that’s the camera that I’ve researched and decided that I’m getting), but beggars can’t be choosers and I don’t care what I shoot with as long as I get to take pictures. The only thing that worries me about this class is that I’m going to have to buy some very pricey programs and I don’t really have the money right now (because I’m paying for my own college and I’m NOT relying on mommy and daddy to make my life easier).

Allow me to go on a small tangent, but I’d like to vent about my drawing class for a moment. Lol. I’m a convergence photojournalism major. Now, a lot of people shutdown when they hear big words like that, but basically I want to take pictures and write stories for all the different types of media (ie print, magazine, online, etc.). With that being said…there’s a reason why I chose photography and not drawing…I can’t draw to save my life. I can’t even draw a smiley face that doesn’t look creepy. Lol. Why am I taking a drawing class then if it has nothing to do with journalism or photography?–Well, I thought I’d also take some photography classes at Mizzou and the easiest prerequisite was 2D drawing. …This is going to be my most difficult class BY FAR this semester. Oh what a joy… Lol.

What else is going on in my life right now? I’ve been working at the front desk for one of the residence halls on campus. I thought I was going to get paid today since I’ve already been working for two weeks, but I guess I have to wait until next week. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I bought a car in April and I’ve already had to replace the alternator belt ($85 repair) and the transmission range switch ($225 repair). I’ve got another repair (one that the dealership said was going to cost me around $625) to make because my car is getting AWFUL gas mileage and I mean AWFUL! I’m getting worse gas mileage than a Hummer. Lol. Can you guess what’s wrong?-My mass air flow sensor. When I push my gas pedal down the engine doesn’t know what ratio of gas and oxygen to use so it just uses a lot of gas and tends to stall because it’s not getting enough oxygen. But yea, I’d like to have a paycheck so I can at least think about fixing it.

I think that’s pretty much it for right now. I’m excited for this semester (except for that darn drawing class…lol). I LOVE not having any 8am’s and I LOVE that I don’t have to race my butt of to get to any of my classes.

❤ Stephanie

So, What’s New?

Hiya! I’m in my history class and I have to look like I’m taking notes because the professor keeps looking at me. Oye. I’ve been up since 5am this morning in hopes of working on my extra credit paper for this class. I’ve got 1 3/4 pages so far (which is good because I’ve still got three more body paragraphs to write as well as the conclusion and it only has to be five pages long). I would be working on it now, but if I pulled out my book he would know that I’m not paying attention and I can’t have that. Lol.

My final for this class is Friday at the lovely hour of 8am. Whoopie for me. It’s my first college final, but at least I’ll get the worst one out of the way first. 🙂 After my history final I’ve got my mythology final and then I’m done for the day.

On Saturday Lisa and I are going to the mall to go shopping (and relieve stress and all of that important stuff). Lol. Sunday I’m working and then I have to study for my anthropology final, which is at 8am too. Tuesday I don’t have any finals (yay me) and Wednesday I have my math final at 6pm.

I signed up to work a lot within the next two weeks to pay for Christmas gifts. I have no idea what I’m going to get anyone (besides my sister because I got her sweatpants already).

I guess that’s all I have to say. I really don’t want to vent about work again because I know that gets boring to read. Another reason why I’m ending this blog is because my history class ends in four minutes and then I have to work on my essay so I’m going to try not to get on the internet anymore. Wish me luck!

That Thing You Call “Work”


For those of you who already know, and for those who don’t know at all, I work at a dining hall as a customer service associate. What does this mean? This means I get to put up with a lot of people who don’t give a crap about what I do, whether I’m happy or not, and who constantly look down upon me as a pathetic loser. And all of that is mostly from the customers. My higher-ups (ie. managers and supervisors) act as if I’m just a stupid teenager that doesn’t know her head from her butt and can’t do her job properly and efficiently.

I work Sunday mornings (9am-3:30pm), Tuesday mornings (6:45am-10:45am), and Thursday nights (3:45pm-9:30pm). This totals up to 18 hours a week and 36 hours every pay period. I’m going to school 16 hours a week…that right there is a problem in and of itself. I’ve got a little amount of time to do the massive amounts of homework that I have, if I work around my work schedule. Monday, November 15, 2010 is when the schedules for the CSA’s for next semester are going to start being made. I’m going to DEMAND that I get my work hours cut down to 12 a week and 24 every pay period. **I’m going to have an English class and two journalism classes next semester if I get all the classes on my wish list.**

So I’ve covered the customers, my supervisors and managers, and the ridiculous work load. What about the co-workers? I have full-time co-workers and student co-workers…I wish I could say I get along with everyone, but that’s not the case. The major reason for this is because everyone I work with (save for 3 or 4 people) is still VERY immature or annoys me. The full-time staff calls the police for no real reason, manipulate people into doing their job, gossip, and think that they’re all that and a bag of chips. The student staff have either formed groups (the international students tend to stick together and talk in their own languages), are new (and therefore don’t know how to do their job because no one has taught them so they just stand around and wait for other people to do their job), or are lazy (and wait for someone else to do their job).

Every time I work I feel like I want to quit right there on the spot. Yes, it’s that bad. I don’t enjoy what I do. In fact, I can’t wait until this summer when I have a shot working at Trotter (a photography studio close to m house). How do I keep going? How do I ignore everyone and do what I have to do? Does anyone have any advice for me? s