Fruit [I mean F.I.G.] Reflection

This is going to be my last “graded” blog. Crazy. I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog (mostly because I’ve been running around like a chicken with her head cut off and then I was experiencing was sleep was again). ANYWAY, to get back to my point, I’m supposed to reflect on how this semester has been for me.

So, this semester seems to have been a crazy one but it doesn’t feel like it’s the end. I’m actually wondering if next semester will be like this too. I guess we’ll find out in about six weeks.

I remember the first week of classes. I was so stressed about getting to all of my classes on time and going to the right rooms and sitting in the front row to make a good impression on the professors. I also remember feeling like had “FRESHMAN” written in red sharpie all over my body. Life wasn’t so bad and somehow I eventually made the transition from “freshman freak” to “just another day at Mizzou.” **In all honesty it’s never ‘just another day at Mizzou’ because every day I look around the campus and the people and feel loved and accepted…like I belong here for life.**

I also remember looking at all the syllabi that were given to me and freaking out about all the reading, but also being grateful that all the assignments were given at the beginning of the semester (with their due dates) so I could work ahead (PAH!) if I had time.

My interdisciplinary studies class (which is just a fancy way of saying my Freshman Interest Group class) was not what I expected. For some reason I thought that because the girls were in a F.I.G. they’d be more willing to socialize with each other (meaning that I would have more friends than I do now). I didn’t think that the majority of the girls in this F.I.G. would be Greek. I enjoyed reading the novel that we had to (and I’ll probably post my response to said novel as a blog).

Midterms were fun…not! I think that put the most stress on me. Hopefully EVERY semester won’t be like that because otherwise I might be forced to go to the looney bin way earlier than I had anticipated (that was a joke). Harty-har-har. Even though everyone’s freaking out about winter finals right now I think I’m going to survive. I can’t wait to post on Facebook that I’ve survived my first semester in college.

Oh! Oh! You know how I’ve been working so hard all semester and I’ve had five A’s and one B pretty much the whole time? I’ve gotten my history grade up from 85% to 87% and I’m about to write a five page paper that will be for extra credit. I’m so close to having straight A’s. That would be so amazing to claim that I worked 17 or 18 hours a week, but still had the drive to do well in my studies and accept nothing less than A’s. **If I do get a B in this class (I’m currently in it), I won’t be that depressed because it’ll be a very high B and I’ll know that I worked my BUTT off in this class and did everything I possibly could to get my grade as high as I could.**

Now that I’ve covered the academics I think it’s I’m for the work reflection. After a week of classes I started work. I’m not sure why, but I can’t really remember working (besides the first day [Sunday, August 29th, 2010] when they told me to clean the tables and make sure the dining room stayed clean). Before Thanksgiving break work was getting to be hardly bearable, but now it seems really chill. I’m kind of nervous/ upset about my work schedule next semester because I’ll be working three days in a row, but I suppose it’ll all work out.

So, yeah. That’s pretty much how I feel about this semester. (All the other major things that have happened are things that I’ve already blogged about.) At first I was terrified, but now I feel like I belong here. I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it (like I did in high school). I hope not because I’m planning on being here at least five years (so I can get that masters in convergence photojournalism). I also plan on getting an internship with National Geographic sometime (wish me luck on that one because I’ve got my hopes up), but that won’t happen for another year or two.


First MU Football Game

So, this blog probably will not be long enough to count as a blog for my FIG (Freshmen Interest Group) class, but I think I’m just going to write it for the sake of writing and keeping up with my blog.

Anyway! Lol. Where would the beginning of this story be? I guess it starts on this past Thursday. I was in my anthropology class and I was talking to Casie about how bad I’ve been wanting to go to a football game but all the tickets cost $50 or more. **True, I have a job, but that doesn’t make me rich…This job is just to help me pay my phone bill and school bill every month.** Casie sympathized, but there was nothing she could do about it.

While I was at work that night (around 6:30-ish) I got a text message from Katie (Casie’s roommate). She said that she was going home for the weekend and that she was thinking about selling her ticket for about $20. My first thought was “SOLD!” and my second thought (because I tend to have two thoughts when something happens) was “Man, how am I going to get cash so I can pay her?” I mean, I have a debit card, but I normally get cash back at places like Wal-Mart or Dierbergs but since I don’t have a car, that’s out of the question. Then I remembered that there was an ATM on campus so I went there and got the cash back.

When I got back from my classes, Katie was already gone, but she left the ticket with Casie so I picked it up and gave her the $20 to give to Katie. (Sorry if that sounds confusing…if you think about it for a second, it really isn’t.) I was so excited to actually have a football ticket that I made a Vlog (video blog) and posted it on YouTube. I’ve tried to embed the video in this post so hopefully it works.

The next day (Saturday) I had to keep myself busy before the game, which started at 6pm but I was going with Mary around 5pm. So in order to kill time I made three more videos and posted them on YouTube. The few subscribers I have are probably overwhelmed…oh well. Lol.

So around 5pm Mary called me and said she was outside my dorm (because the doors are locked on game days since we’re so close to the Faurot Field) and ready to walk over. I ran outside (in my gold shirt with my camera) to meet her and we walked over. I’m not gonna lie, I recorded pretty much every second of all the important stuff (ie. the pre-game, Truman the Tiger, the first kick, half-time, the beginning of the third quarter, the middle of the fourth quarter, and the announcement of the winners). When I got back to my dorm after the game a made a short video of my response to my first football game. The video is like seven minutes long so I’m not going to even try posting it in this blog.

All in all, I had a blast. It was a very close game (27-24 Mizzou), but a lot of people left when there was only four minutes left and the score was 20-24 (San Diego State). We didn’t get that last touchdown until there was 50 seconds left in the game and then we got the extra point! Way to go T.J. Moe.

Another great thing that happened (kind of on accident) was that I actually learned the basics of football so now when I talk to my friends online I don’t have to sound like and idiot. 🙂 I was surprised at how friendly everyone around me (who actually understood more than the basics of football) was willing to explain things repeatedly to me so I would understand. It’s thanks to them that I can go to a football game and follow what’s going on instead of just sitting in the bleachers.