Keys to College Success: Don’t Be So Serious…Find Your Balance

Photo credit: gennerobot (flickr)

Photo credit: gennerobot (flickr)

Yes, the goal of college is to get good grades and graduate with a degree in a field that we love. Too often have I hit the books instead of the city and you know what…I regret it.

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Last Semester of College

Well, I’ve made it, folks! Four grueling years of hard work has paid off. I survived convergence reporting, which, in all honesty, I thought I would never do. It was hard but it was worth it, just like everything else I’ve been through over the years. That seems so cliche but it’s the truth.

This semester I will be blogging every week for my convergence editing class but I was having trouble thinking of what my overall topic should be. It’s rumored that the blogs for convergence editing should have some sort of original multimedia. Now that I’ve started writing this post I think I’ll write posts about motivation and all of the scary things you encounter that don’t have to be that scary. In other words, I’d like to have a blog with some purpose for others.

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Stunning Realizations

So, I know this may sound a little weird, but I’ve always thought that blog posts had to have the same sort of writing style as a diary or journal. It wasn’t until I had a guest lecturer speak in my multimedia journalism class that I realized there’s so much more to blogging.

It was brought to my attention that blogs could be reviews of products (something I assumed Consumer Reports would cover) or ideas for inspiration *which, I suppose, is what the last few of my posts have been*. To me all of that seems like something you would make a Vlog (video blog for the less tech-savvy people reading this) about. I mean, that’s the big trend on YouTube isn’t it?–Vlogging and DIY projects.  The only thing you can’t effectively do on YouTube is post a photo blog…because that would just end up being a slideshow. Lol. Below is a link to a cool photo blog I found through Google.

Another subject  the guest lecturer brought up was that once you get a blog going you can start getting people to interact (still sounds like a YouTube video to me, but we’re going with it). After you do that you can start building a network. I thought that was a pretty cool idea so when I was just messing around on Google (I know, I have a problem with Google) I found the site below. You can clearly see that the blogger’s incorporating other bloggers and websites to help his audience. I especially love the first hyperlink because it takes you to a different blog that allows people from all over the world to contribute to.

Broaden Your Photography Horizons