Final Project Update 6

I think this is the last project update that I have to do since next Friday is stop day and there won’t be any classes. Yay! (I really should continue blogging though.)

This week was another productive week. I know I said I was going to edit the photos that I took of John and start writing the text story, but that didn’t get done. At least I’m honest. Lol. What I DID do though was set up an audio/video interview with Fred (the man that DOES use technology a lot). I was having some ethical dilemmas because I wanted to shoot photographs but it would have been falsifying information if Fred didn’t go out on a regular basis with his laptop. I asked him about it (before telling him about the problem) and he said he does go out and about. Thank goodness! I feel that have the part of being a journalist is getting lucky with who you meet and how things actually go down.

I’m also scheduled to do an audio interview with John tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 pm. ¬†Hopefully it goes better than the first time! Maybe I’ll also be able to do some editing while I’m at work (since I just work at the front desk of one of the residence halls).


Final Project Update 4

So, I was productive at the beginning of the week. I’ve scheduled times to go to the Daniel Boone Regional Library to attend a few technology information courses. I got the contact information for the woman in charge of scheduling the classes. I had planned on going to visit John, the man who uses NO technology, yesterday but I was unaware if he worked or was retired. After talking with Alyssa I believe that he’s retired so I’m going to try to fit in a visit during this weekend (even though I’m going to be very booked).

I might have to skip a couple of my EPJ classes in order to get this project done. It shouldn’t really be that big of a deal since we’re just working on our websites and I’ve already finished mine (except for where my multimedia project is going to go). Feel free to view my website! I’d love to hear your comments.

If for some reason I can’t find an elderly person taking technology classes at the library I’m sure I could find one at Paquin Towers (where John lives). I know that’s probably a random thought but I was just thinking about worst case scenarios and that was one of them. I know I procrastinated a lot on getting this project started but I don’t feel like I’ll need that much time to do it; I feel like I’ll still be able to turn the project in on time.

Final Project Update 3

I don’t know why (actually, I do) it’s so hard for me to remember to do these blog updates. It could be one of two reasons. A- I still haven’t done anything significant (partly because I’ve had to take two midterms for my online classes that I forgot about and partly because I’ve been stressed out about this jQuiery assignment). B- I’m always logged into my internship’s WordPress account so I don’t really think anything of it when I check all the information and everything.

Although I still haven’t conducted any interviews, I’m confident that once I get my butt in gear everything will work out smoothly. I was looking on the Daniel Boone Regional Library during my spare time this week (which there wasn’t really that much of) and I don’t think it would be that difficult for me to find an older individual who is tech saavy.