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Growing up, I never really considered myself an artsy type of person but I have always seen myself doing something associated with writing in some way, shape or form. It wasn’t until I went to Yosemite National Park in October 2006 for my aunt’s wedding that I first realized I wanted to do something involving photography as well. I kept these two things in my mind, wondering how I could make a living doing either on its own. Eventually, this is how I chose photojournalism as a major, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

My very first camera was a gift from my great-aunt just before I started high school. If I remember correctly, it was a ViewPoint camera (which is what I brought along to my aunt’s wedding). I think at that point, I took more pictures of the landscape than the big event but not by much. We were only there for a few days but my memory card was full before we had left for the airport. Oops! Lol.After that, I upgraded to a Casio Exilim S10 as a sweet 16 gift to myself. I continued taking pictures of whatever was around me (which was mostly a lot of nature and landscapes still). This camera carried me through the rest of high school with all the photography and photojournalism classes I was taking. It even made it with me to the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou for short :P) and lasted another year. Unfortunately for me, I’m a klutz who fell down, skinned her knee real bad and ended up breaking that wonderful device.

DSC_1257Somehow, I managed to go a year without a camera of my own (maybe this was my punishment for tripping over my own feet?). It was pure torture because, until that point, my camera had literally always been on me and ready to snap anything I thought was worthy. However, I was able to skate by since I had access to a few equipment lockers stocked full of the BEST (*cough*Nikon*cough*) equipment. As one might expect, after being spoiled for that year with DSLRs and fancy lenses, I couldn’t go back to a point and shoot as my main camera. Just before the semester ended, I was able to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 of my very own.

Looking back on it, the two years between getting my camera and graduating flew by. I spent the first summer interning with Balfour | Ohio Yearbooks. Unfortunately for them (kidding), I loved it so much that I continued the internship through the school year. Through my coursework in the J-school I was able to work at Newsy and KBIA, an NPR affiliate station. I spent the summer before graduation with the Ohio Arts Council. Again, I fell in love with the work I was doing. I learned a lot about what I like to do and refined the types of jobs I’d be looking for after graduation.

Well, that’s pretty must the big parts of my life…Oh wait! There is this blog post I wrote about my life post-grad.


3 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Stephanie, you never know where life is going to take you! I came across your blog in the WordPress tags for photography and I enjoyed your post.

    I don’t know if you will have any interest in this, but I just started a blog recently called, The Art of an Improbable Life : My Twenty Years with an International Photojournalist (www.animprobablelife.com) . It chronicles my husband, Jeffrey Aaronson’s adventures as a photojournalist (working with Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, etc) and it gives a behind the scenes look into the lifestyle. Today’s post is about the “joys” of traveling. Another recent post was about the friendship he developed with Steve Jobs when they were both 29 and he was shooting on assignment for Newsweek. Like I said, you never know where life is going to take you!

    Good luck with your schooling and don’t forget to keep all your options open!

  2. Hey babe I’m just letting you know that I love you very much and hang in there. I know things get tough sometimes and I’m happy that we are what we are. I hope you know that I’m always here to support you in every decision you make. Keep up the great work sweetie, I have the utmost respect for you. Love the blog, it helps me learn even more about your life. Did I mention that I love you? lol.

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