Final Project Update 5

Hello again!

All the time I took doing nothing I’ve made up for this week. Although the first part of my week was very busy I managed to fit in an interview with John, the man with little/no technology. Originally the plan was to do an audio interview and take photographs but I hadn’t reserved an audio recorder that I was familiar with so that didn’t really work out. I did go to the Journalism library and check out a recorder but it was very old school, and, like I said, I had no idea how to properly use it (ie, change my levels so I would have good quality). I got some good photographs, but I feel like I need to go back for more because it quickly turned into “and take a picture of this…and this” and that’s not going to work for my multimedia project. I’ll probably go back next Wednesday and see if I can’t have some good audio and take some more pictures.

Yesterday I was at Dobbs (the dining hall at Mizzou, not the tire place) and one of the employees that makes the omelets (Fred) and I were talking. Since I used to work there I know the employees and since I see Fred every day I’ve developed rapport with him. ANYWAY, I asked him if he’d be interested in helping me with this project (because I know he just recent got an iPhone 5 so he’s obviously keeping up with technology). He said he’d talk to his wife and get back to me on it but he really wanted to help. Today I talked with Fred again and told him specifically what I was looking for and how he could help me. He agreed and said that his only concern was that his family has accumulated a lot of clutter throughout the years and it would be better if we could go to another location for the project. If this other location is somewhere else that he normally goes I don’t see it being a problem and I told him that and gave him my cell phone number so he could contact me with a time that would be good for us to meet up.

While I wait on the other half of my project to get started I can start writing my news story for this project, edit the photos of John that will work, and RESERVE THE PROPER AUDIO RECORDERS! (Lol.)


Final Project Update 2

So, admittedly, I forgot to do the first post on my final project update. No one missed out on much because all it would have said is that I haven’t really started aside from choosing which sub-topic I’d like to cover.

I talked to one of my classmates (Alyssa) since she knew of a man who uses no technology. When she said no technology, she meant it. This guy doesn’t have a phone, or a computer, or anything. I’m literally going to have to show up at his house to see if he’ll participate in this project. (Good thing he lives in Columbia…although I still have to do a Google Maps search to see exactly where.) I’ll probably go visit him on Tuesday or Thursday next week since I don’t have class on those days.

I plan on going to the Columbia public library sometime this weekend and seeing if they have a technology course that’s open to the public. I know my public library back home does, but I also know that every city is different. Surely that would be the easiest way to find an elderly person that’s more involved with technology. But, this is journalism and it’s not always easy otherwise cavemen could do it. I haven’t really thought of a backup plan in case that doesn’t work, which I guess I probably should.

Holidays and Other

So, I thought that I would be posting blogs or I was gonna try to post some more. I don’t think that’s going to happen this month because I’ve been catching up on my sleep. I also have to look for a summer internship and a car. Oye. I really want to keep blogging though.

Also, I think it’s kinda funny how people view my pages even though I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Thanks guys! 🙂