Keys to College Success: Publish Responsibly

Photo credit: webstreats (flickr)

Photo credit: webtreats (flickr)

That’s right, folks! Here is that blog post I talked about doing a few weeks ago on social media posting. The reason for waiting a little bit between publishing Keys to College Success: Networking and this post is because, through my position as an “RA,” I helped host an event that was centered around this topic. For this event, the group of people I work with invited representatives from MU’s Career Center to come speak about just how much social media impacts your ability to get a job. What they told us was quite interesting!

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Going Down Memory Lane

So I was creeping on myself yesterday and decided it would be interesting to Google myself to see what came up. The first link that I got was for my website. I knew about this website because I’d created it with my ex-boyfriend (while we were still dating) but it wasn’t supposed to show up in a Google search unless you got the premium package (which I didn’t because I was about to become a poor college student).

While looking at my website I saw on the contact page that I posted an old blog (since then I’ve edited this website into providing the url for this blog). I thought it was kind of funny to go back and see what I thought were legit blogs…they were more like 10 sentences of me avoiding my schoolwork or trying to kill time because I was ahead in my schoolwork. Now the reason that I blog is to kill time during my history class and journal about what’s going on every couple of days. **Don’t worry, I’m recording the lectures and taking notes on them later…this method works way better for me anyway.**

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll keep up with these blogs or if they’ll just die out after I’m finished with my FIG (freshman interest group) class. I wonder about the same thing about my Twitter account. **You guys, if I have any regulars or whoever, can follow me if you want…my Twitter name is StephanieKawula because I was feeling very original that day. Lol. **