Can You Say Overwhelmed?

Oh my goodness. I feel like I have so much going on, but I really do. It’s a good thing that breathing is an involuntary action otherwise I wouldn’t have time for it and I would DIE! Yeah, that’s right, I’m THAT stressed and THAT busy. Let’s start with my calendar and how it looks. To you it probably won’t seem like a lot, but the amount of work that I have to put into each assignment is unbelievable.

Tonight I have to cover someone at work (his shift is from 3:45pm-9:30pm) because he is covering my Halloween shift so that I can go home and surprise my friend. Tomorrow, Thursday, October 14, 2010, I have an Anthropology exam. You remember how I did on the last one? Yeah, I totally have to study my little booty off so I don’t rely on pop quizzes to pull my grade up. I’ll most likely end up cramming that morning (while doing laundry and 10,000 other things). Then I actually have to go take the exam and then go to work from 3:45pm-9:30pm (for the second day in a row).

Isn’t that insane that that’s just two days? I don’t even want to bring up that I have a biology assignment that’s due by Friday night by 11pm. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal and I would do it after my classes on Friday, but I have to re-watch 50 minutes of video and take notes on everything. Another problem with this is that everyone will probably try to access the same videos at the same times which will make the loading of the videos that much slower. So that’s that. Another day down.

Saturdays I usually try and get SOME sleep, but between Jessica (my roommate) and the fact that I know that I have to be up that usually doesn’t work out too well. I remember a glorious time when I could sleep in until 10 o’clock…HA! I’m lucky if I can sleep until 7:30am. Anyway, throwing sleep out the window, I’ll probably eat and try to do my Tuesday biology assignment, my math assignments that are due on Sunday and whatever else that I have to do that I can’t think of right now.

Sunday I get to work again from 9am-3:30pm. (This whole work thing is getting old, but I’m glad I have a job because otherwise I wouldn’t have any money to pay for my phone bill or my school bill.) After that I’m going to run over to Strickland so I can join in the study session for my mythology exam that I have on Monday.

The next MAJOR things happen on Wednesday. I’ve got my history midterm (which I’m REALLY freaked out about) and then I have a math exam that night (which is fine because I’m confident with my mathematical abilities).

I  really just wish I had a clock that could pause time so I could catch up on everything and do a good job at it. I feel like I’m attempting to tread water but I keep drowning. I can’t wait for Halloween just so I can have a break, and see Kayla and just enjoy myself. Even further away, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break (even though I have to go to my Grandma’s) just so I can get a full week off to chill…and sleep!! >.<



So, now that I’m a college student I’m kind of obsessed about checking my grades every day to see how I’m doing. I’m even more obsessed now that I’ve had my first round of quizzes and exams.

Last Friday I had a mythology exam and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to remember everything we had learned in addition to keeping all of our readings straight. Well, the test took me about half an hour and there was only three or four questions on the readings that I knew I would most likely miss (which I was okay with since I had reviewed everything else and was confident with that information). When I got my score back I was thrilled. I got 48 out of the 50 questions right which is a 96%. Way to go me!

Up next was the history quiz. I was nervous about this one too because the book that we had just finished reading (Salem Possessed) was really difficult for me to read (and even more difficult to stay awake during). Lol. Anyway, there was two parts to that quiz. The first part was objective questions (which were true/false statements) that were worth 40% of the quiz. The second part of the quiz was the essay section where I had to write two paragraphs about two different events. (This was worth 60% of the quiz). I just got my score on that back today and I didn’t do as bad as I had originally thought. I got all of the objective questions correct, but I had a feeling I would since I reviewed the Puritan lecture. I didn’t do horrible on the essay questions either. Overall, I got an 89% on the test. Yay!

I took my math exam Monday night. I’m really good at math (and I was placed in a lower section of math than I have to be in) so I knew I would do perfectly well on the exam. Even though I didn’t have to, I went to the review session the night prior to the exam and did the 31 review questions. The whole test was no calculator (because the whole course is no calculator) so it took me a little longer than normal to finish, it but it was worth it. I got 100% on my math exam and proved to the professor that I actually know what I’m doing and that I’m not just a stupid teenager like she thinks I am. (I’ve already had some problems with her if you couldn’t tell. Lol.)

The next exam (and last, in this round) I had to overcome was my Anthropology exam. I was iffy on this one too and I knew I’d come out with a score of a “B” at the highest. I tried to study as much as I could (using the techniques that I used [when I did decide to study] in high school). Apparently it either wasn’t enough, or I need to find a different way to study for that class. I got a 76% on that exam. The good news is that the professor gives pop quizzes that count as extra credit and I had gotten 9 out of 10 points total on the quizzes thus far. So if you add nine to my exam score I really got an 85% (which is what I predicted). In either case, I know that I’m going to have to work my butt a little harder since I have to establish my GPA this semester.

So there you have it, I’m obsessive compulsive about checking my grades online and apparently I have a knack for predicting my scores in most cases. I rock. Just kidding, but I’m super stoked that I got 100% on that math exam. 🙂