Keys to College Success: GO HOME!

Kawula family portrait. Photo credit: Stephanie Kawula

Kawula family portrait. Photo credit: Stephanie Kawula

So, parents… Am I right? Up until now you’ve been pretty much joined at the hip. In most scenarios, you’ve been living in the same house and you’re ready to be out and on your own, making your own decisions.– But there comes a point when you need your family’s support and that’s when you realize that it’s probably a good idea that you go home for a visit.

Personally, my mom and I are very close. She’s my best friend, so when I went off to college it was hard on both of us. I didn’t have my own car at the time and I couldn’t just go home to see her or the rest of my family. (This is just a glimpse into what sparked this post, not a sob story about how my freshman year was a rough time.)

Over the years, as I’ve gained a car and additional workloads, I’ve realized that sometimes you just have to get off campus and get away. I applaud students who come from out of state as it’s not so ways for them to get back home unless it’s for a seasonal break (usually). Now, what about those students? Even just getting off campus. Be somewhere you don’t HAVE to be. Go to a park. Do something.

My theory (and this is purely theory) is if you’re stuck in your room thinking about how much homework you have to do and what tests are coming up, you’re going to go crazy. You’re going to get more stressed out than you need to be. This was me the first half of the semester of my freshman year. Not good. Even though it was a tough year, I think my favorite part was going home and surprising my best friend for her birthday. I recorded it at the time and I’m so glad I did. Feel free to check it out.

Video credit: potc4ev (Youtube)


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