Life of an “RA” : Homecoming

Photo credit: KOMUnews (flickr)

Photo credit: KOMUnews (flickr)

Guess what? (No, not chicken butt!) Mizzou’s 102nd Homecoming is this Saturday, October 26, 2013! If you’re a Mizzou fan you already know this and are super excited because this season we’ve been kicking butt and taking names! If you’re a ResLife staff member on-call this Saturday, you’re dreading it. I fall into both categories this week.

The way I see it, as I see everything else, there are a bunch of pros and cons. At a glance the pros would be:

Photo credit: Anselmus (openclipart)

Photo credit: Anselmus (openclipart)

  • I saved the majority of the Hatch staff from doing this shift (which is a “thank you” gesture for helping me rearrange my on-call shifts to accommodate my travels back to St. Louis to support my sister through the birth of my nephew)
  • I won’t be the ONLY one on-call (because Homecoming is on a Saturday night, there will be a secondary on-call person to help me)
  • The football game is at 6pm (so I’ll get some quiet time…at least for my first round)

In all honesty, since this is my first (and last) Homecoming as a student staff member I’m not quite sure what to expect.

Photo credit: raemi (openclipart)

Photo credit: raemi (openclipart)

Right now I’m assuming that I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill but it might be justified. The cons at the top of my list are:

  • On top of being Homecoming day, it’s also a Saturday (AKA, a lot of residents will tailgate, go to the game, come back, pre-game, and then go out)
  • I am expected to do three rounds at 8pm, 11pm, and 1am (normally I have trouble staying up till midnight)
  • I don’t really have time for dinner (I have to work at the front desk until it’s almost time to be on-call)

In next week’s blog I’ll post about how it went. Wish me luck!

P.S.- Gooooooo Tigers!! M-I-Z


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