Sue Bryan Photography

I chose to critique Sue Byran’s portfolio because she’s a nature photographer and that’s what I’m interested in right now. The first thing that you see are all of her portfolio categories when you click on her main page and I really like that because it saves me from clicking and doing investigative work when I just want to look at some pictures. Sue Bryan

Another thing I noticed right away, and is something that we’ve talked about in my electronic photojournalism class, is that her email address is at the bottom of the page. The fact that it’s not a form you have to fill out made me really happy because that suggests that there might be a real person at the other end of the email instead of no one.

I really like the clean, black background because that screams professional to me. The font size is appropriate. I really like how her name is in bold in the header and photography isn’t.

Also, when you go into the different portfolios (say you start at “Nature in B & W”) you can either click yourself through the pictures or view them as a slideshow. When you’re done with one portfolio you can click “Next Portfolio” at the top of the page instead of going back and forth between the home page and other pages. That makes navigation super simple. I also liked that the photographs stay relatively the same size (of course there are going to be slight differences when going from a vertical photograph to a horizontal photograph). Some of the other websites I visited weren’t like that at all and it was very distracting and upsetting that I couldn’t see the whole picture at once.

I think the only thing I would change about this portfolio would be to have all the albums if you will on one page instead of having “Portfolios” and “Other Portfolios,” which is towards the bottom of the page and easy to miss.


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