Oh These Holiday Seasons…

Alrighty, so …I went to WalMart (and for those of you who know NOTHING about me, which I’m assuming is a lot of you,….I LOVE WalMart…It’s my happy place). Anyway, I went to my happy place thinking it was going to be like it always is. I was wrong. There was a Christmas tree set up just inside the doors. Christmas music was playing. Christmas candy was being sold. (I just read Earnest Hemmingway a few days ago so please forgive me if my sentences follow his iceberg theory.)

I’m a little confused. Didn’t we just have halloween? Shouldn’t all of the Halloween candy be on sale before the Christmas candy goes on the shelves? Why is all of this Christmas stuff out when it’s still the first week in November? We haven’t even had Thanksgiving!!  **There’s a question, why does WalMart praise Halloween, skip Thanksgiving, and promote the heck out of Christmas?** Why do people feel it’s okay to play Christmas music this early? I can see playing it around Thanksgiving as sort of a pre-game Christmas thing, but…there’s still 50 days until Christmas.

It sounds bad, but another thing I can’t stand is the people that stand outside the doors and ring their bells trying to get you to donate all of your extra cash to charity. I’m not harping on charities or saying that they’re just a waste of time but do the volunteers have to use bells? Do they have to abuse the bells? I’m telling you, nine times out of ten I’m sure people run through the doors, get their groceries and then run back out claiming they have no extra change because they can’t stand the sound of the bell. Hasn’t the Salvation Army figured out that they might get more donations if they armed their volunteers with something other and that annoying bell? You would think so, but every year they’re out there with the same tools, same santa costume, same red bucket. ….They’ll be coming soon too. Watch out.


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