Who Wants To Be a Photojournalist?

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I figured I should write my blog before (A) I forget what topic I want to write about and (B) before I forget entirely (**because I know the rest of my week is going to be a roller coaster).

Yesterday, during my multimedia journalism lecture, we had the privilege of listening to the chairs of several major departments of journalism (convergence, broadcast, photojournalism, strategic communications, and magazine). Awesome, right? TOTALLY! I mean, I took Journalism 1010 ( a class about career explorations in journalism) and this is pretty much all we did, but yesterday it was all about the upper level classes and what to expect.

When listening to the convergence journalism speaker, I was a little overwhelmed. I mean, I know I want to do that, but not for my bachelor’s degree because I know that’s not right for me right now. **For those of you that don’t know, I’m trying to get my bachelor’s in photojournalism and a masters in convergence.** Anyway, I love the idea of getting my hands dirty with all the different mediums that are available nowadays. Right now it’s kind of a scary idea to me, but, again, that’s because I’ve been a little stressed with my course load this year.

Up next was the broadcast journalist speaker. Now, I KNOW that this is never going to be a legit option for me. I know with my personality and issues about myself and such that I would never have the passion that other people do for this type of journalism. I was open to hearing what the speaker had to say, however, I knew that, by the end of the lecture, being on the radio or on television was not something I could be happy making a career out of.

The photojournalism speaker was who spoke next. When he stepped on the stage, my ears perked up, I sat up straighter, and I payed even more attention. As he was talking about the course load, capstone projects, and suggestions to succeed in this field I had a checklist in my head and I was gung ho for doing this for the rest of my life. I knew this was right for me because I didn’t feel overwhelmed, I only felt excitement and anticipation. What surprised me is how I felt about the next speaker.

Up until recently I wasn’t really sure about what strategic communication meant. I mean, I knew it was advertising, but I felt fortunate to listen to this speaker and learn what it was really all about. I really am interested in photography and I’ve toyed around with the idea of getting an associates degree in graphic design. Maybe that’s why this appealed to me. I wasn’t sure if strat comm was exactly right for me (like photojournalism was/is) but seeing what can be done with it peaked my interest.

The magazine journalist was the last speaker that we listened to. I know this is going to sound a little bit messed up, but just bear with me for a second. Magazine journalism is a part of convergence journalism and that IS something I’m interested in ….but….honestly, I didn’t really listen to this speaker because she wasn’t as prepared as the other speakers and therefore I got the impression that magazine journalism wasn’t that important. Maybe if I had the chance to listen to another magazine journalist speak I would give them a second chance because I, in all reality, I don’t want to close any doors for myself. Even though I love photojournalism, I’m not going to solely focus on that because then I might miss out on other things that I might enjoy, like strategic communications or graphic design.


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