Working Out The Workouts

So, as whoever reads these blogs knows, I’m a freshman in college. What’s so important about that? The “Freshman 15.” However, since I go to Mizzou, and we excel at everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), we have the “Mizzou 22.” Allow me to tell you how this has affected me…


First off, I haven’t gained 22 pounds (thank God). I haven’t even gained 15 pounds. Since I’ve been at college I’ve gained about 8 or 9 pounds (and this is over the course of four months). **I know you might be thinking that I’m crazy to be freaking out about this but I’m a lifetime Weight Watchers member and I had hopes of going back to see everyone since I haven’t gone to a meeting since February.** In order to lose the weight that I’ve gained I began eating as healthy as I possibly could, but that hasn’t been helping out that much. This led me to start exercising…(HAHAHA!!)

Over the summer I tried to run two miles a day. I made a video about my results and posted said video on YouTube. (I’ll have to watch the video again and if it’s applicable enough I’ll post it in the blog.) This video is pretty much me just venting about how I’m doing all this work and getting no results. My life right now seems to be paralleling this past summer with the exception that I can’t control what’s in the food that I’m eating (which is a big part of Weight Watchers). Lucky me.

I tried to do the stair-stepper at the rec center, but that just made me gain muscle (which made me gain weight), but I didn’t even realize this until about a week and a half of doing it religiously. In short, FML on that decision. I have now moved to running anywhere from one to three miles on the treadmill because when I run I do this twisting motion that works on my abs a little bit. **Funny story about that too.**

I know this blog post is all over the place, but let me just take a second to explain the “funny” story. I told someone from work that I’m trying to lose this extra weight that I’ve gained and she said she had an extra Pilates ball. She gave me this ball, I blew it up, and it’s been sitting at the foot of my bed since then. Every time I want to use it I either end up bouncing on it like one of those toy balls or Jessica’s in the room and I get self-conscious about exercising on it in front of her (or anyone else ¬†for that matter) and just sit on it like a comfy chair.

So I suppose that this blog could be considered another form of venting. I know it’s my fault because I was choosing to eat the foods that I did, but now that I’m actually doing more than enough to lose the weight I feel that I should be getting at least some results. I’ve stopped drinking soda (for the most part…except for half a cup a day to wake up in the morning) and I’ve stopped eating donuts, eggs, burgers, fries. I’m eating like a freaking rabbit most of the day. I get half a bowl of Special K for breakfast and some fresh fruit. For lunch and dinner I get a salad with chicken on it (if I’m in the mood).

I’m not sure what else I could do. I was always taught that diet and exercise will help you lose weight…that’s not working. Am I doing the wrong exercises? Am I not getting enough calories for my body to allow me to burn them off? Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do because I’m willing to do whatever (naturally, no weight loss surgeries) it takes to be at a healthy weight.


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