Spider Bite Revisited

So that “spider bite” that I thought I had was actually a severe reaction to a bed bug bite. How I came across that conclusion was very interesting. Lol.

Every time I shower I shave my arms and my razor is a little cheap-o thing that tends to cut me from time to time. When I would put my deodorant on in the morning, I noticed little “cut” marks and I thought it was just my razor until I saw something else. One day I saw, what I thought was, a zit. I tried to pop it again and it hurt, just like the one that was on my forearm. I then noticed that my “cut marks” didn’t hurt, they itched. I thought that this was just weird.

When I got in the shower that night I started questioning why I was waking up with these marks if they weren’t cuts from my razor. Then it hit me. They were appearing after I woke up, which meant that something was getting to me while I was sleeping. When I got back to the room I asked my roommate if she had any little red marks on her. She said no. That meant that it was in my bed and only my bed.

I started Googling what bed bug bites looked like. I learned that some people can have little red marks as soon as half an hour after the bite or other, lucky people, such as myself, could have a severe reaction. This reaction would occur up to 48 hours after the bite and swell up to three inches (just like my arm). I then started reading how this reaction occurred and, in a nutshell, bed bugs are like mosquitos in the fact that they bite you, suck your blood, and inject their saliva into your body. As I’m sure you can imagine, after reading all of this I jumped out of my bed with disgust. Needless to say, I slept on the floor that night and e-mailed my hall coordinator.

The hall coordinator had someone look at my bed for signs of bed bugs (since they’re so tiny you can’t see them) and said person said he found nothing in my bed. I knew this was a lie so I asked for a new mattress just to be safe since I was paying $5,000 a year to live there and I didn’t want to be eaten alive by anything. The next day I got my new mattress (still in the plastic wrap).

I washed all of my bedding (and everything that had come in contact with my bed) in hot water and dried everything on high heat. When I went home this past weekend my mom and I bought pillow case covers to prevent bed bugs from going in there.

I know this is all gross, but I also think it’s kind of humorous. I find myself asking “why me?” a lot more than I have ever before. Lol. Everyone else in the residence hall seems to be getting along just fine and not having any problems with their beds or their rooms (except for the girls on the ninth floor who had a cockroach in their room).

But anyway, I just wanted to correct myself in saying that my “spider bite” was a severe reaction to a bed bug bite and the problem has been completely resolved. YAY!


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