Family Weekend

So, Family Weekend was really difficult for me go get through. In a nutshell, I HATED IT!

That Friday afternoon I called my mom to as about her car and what was going on with it (because I know it’s been giving her problems for two years now and she think’s she’s on the verge of finding out what’s wrong with it). Anyway, I called and then went outside to sit on the balcony because it was a nice day. In the middle of talking some girl’s parents showed up and saw their child and started squealing with happiness. My mom heard and then started apologizing that she couldn’t visit me like everyone else’s parents could. I started to tear up and actually cry, but I didn’t want my mom to hear me. Somehow I managed to get through the rest of the conversation (after moving back inside). After I hung up, I ran to my room and cried some more.

I knew that weekend was going to be hard, but I knew in advance that my mom and sister weren’t going to be able to see me because of the car and the money situation. Why did this hit me so hard you might ask?-I have no clue; it just did.

Saturday came. I got up and did my daily routine of waking up, bathroom, brushing of the teeth, getting dressed, making the bed, and putting on my makeup. As soon as I finished putting on my mascara I burst out in tears. What a mess that was! By the time I had finished cleaning myself up it was 11am which meant that Dobbs was open and I could run in and grab breakfast really quick.

I did a quick walk-around of Dobbs (the dining hall, not the auto place) to see my breakfast options (which were none except bagels and cereal). When I was walking around I saw everyone sitting with their families, happy and talking. I felt my chin starting to do that annoying quiver thing so I filled a cup up with Mountain Dew, put a to-go lid on it, grabbed two bagels and ran out the front door. It’s a good thing that Lathrop (my residence hall) is so close to Dobbs because as soon as I got into the lobby and saw another family I burst out into tears. I ran up the stairs, up to my room, and locked the door. It was about another 30 minutes until I could actually eat my breakfast.

I knew there was a football game that weekend (against Miami of Ohio) and with all of the families here no one would be at the Rec. After I pulled myself together (again) I got in my workout outfit and headed over there. I started off running a mile (which took me 9 minutes, 14 seconds…a new personal best) and then I went on the elliptical and biked 4.6 miles in twenty minutes. I tried to run another mile but an employee came up to me and said that it was time for them to close so I left.

When I got back to Lathrop I changed and headed out the door to go grab lunch at Dobbs. I was feeling a lot better than I had at breakfast, but I was still a little sad. I saw Bebe walking out to the parking lot and she asked how I was and I said that I’d been better and explained everything that had happened so far. Well, while I was explaining everything I started to tear up and cry. Bebe mentioned how she was going to go to St. Louis next weekend from Thursday night to Saturday night and that I was welcome to come if my mom said it was okay. I responded by saying that I couldn’t leave until Friday after 3pm, after my math class got out, and Bebe said that was okay.

I called my mom and got her permission. I started getting all excited that I would get to see my 13 year old dog, my best friend, family, AND super Wal-Mart (because the Wal-Marts in Columbia are not the same at all!). I called Kayla that night and asked what she was doing for the next weekend. She said she had a band competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Well there goes that idea of seeing my best friend.)

On Sunday I worked from 9am-3:30pm and then went back to my room to do some homework. I was able to keep myself together all day and I was very proud of myself.

Maybe next year Family Weekend won’t be so bad now that my mom has finally fixed her car. 🙂


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